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Important arrival information

Quickly and safely to Hochsölden

Snow chains and winter tyres are absolutely essential for your journey to Hochsölden during the winter.

Your ski Hotel Alpenfriede is located at over 2,000m, in the middle of the Ötztal ski slopes with guaranteed snow. As much as you enjoy the glistering powder snow on the pistes, it can, however, become quite a burden on the roads. Snow chains are thusly vital when driving from Sölden to Hochsölden. 

Make sure that you have winter tyres on your car and to also bring snow chains with you. 

The proper handling of snow chains

In case you have never put on snow chains before, or aren't sure about which snow chains to buy for your car, then take a look at the Automobile Association's information about the proper handling of snow chains.

Important information on how to use snow chains

  • Snow chains are NO SUBSTITUTE for winter tyres. Winter tyres give better driving results, especially on ice-slicked roads, as snow chains have hardly any grip on ice.
  • Test your snow chains before actually putting them to use on the road.
  • Please note that putting on snow chains will be more difficult in wintery weather conditions.
  • Test if the snow chains fit your tyres.
  • Always control the tension of the chains. Snow chains that are too loose (even on quick assembly systems) can damage the brake line or the ABS sensors.

If you need further information about your arrival at the Alpenfriede Hotel in Hochsölden, do not hesitate to call our hotel team +43 (0)5254 2227 or send us your no obligation holiday enquiry.

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