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Guaranteed snow – throughout the season

Glaciers, 3,000m peaks & more than six months of skiing fun

In a region where the snow doesn't even melt in summer, you really don't have to worry about snow during the winter. Two glaciers above Sölden make it pretty clear: Best conditions await you throughout winter.

In Sölden you can ski for more than six months. Both glaciers – Rettenbachferner and Tiefenbachferner – already open in October and provide skiing fun until late May. The rest of the ski region opens shortly after the glaciers and make skiing right at the Alpenfriede Hotel's doorstep possible. 

Rettenbach and Teifenbach glacier ski regions

The glaciers in the ski region stretch over 20km². Both glaciers are connected by Europe's highest road tunnel as well as a ski tunnel at 3,240 metres. The 37 kilometres of lifts are interconnected by 10 lift facilities.

Every year, the FIS Ski World Cup kick-off takes place right here on the Rettenbach Glacier. 

Even if there's no snowfall, snow still falls

As in every ski region, we also have to make it snow a bit in Sölden from time to time. But far more rarely than in other ski regions – the location at over 3,000 metres usually provides enough snow – but also more professionally: 3 water reservoirs and 300 snow canons turn water and air to snow, which then provides your skiing fun.

You really don't have to worry about snow in Sölden. Send us your no obligation holiday enquiry and enjoy your skiing holiday at more than 2,000 metres above sea level at the Hotel Alpenfriede, your ski hotel right on the piste in Tyrol.

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