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Sölden - back in the olden days

Historic pictures from the time of the skiing pioneers

In the first half of the 20th century, skiing was something for daredevils and pioneers. No prepared paths, no lifts and the seclusion wasn't everyone's cup of tea. The historic pictures show what they knew then and what we know today: Skiing is too wonderful to not do it – no matter how tough the circumstances may have been.

Follow footsteps from the past and enjoy the same Alpine mountains and pistes that our ancestors enjoyed. We look forward to receiving your no obligation holiday enquiry for a stay at the Hotel Alpenfriede, your ideal ski hotel in Tyrol.

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23.09.2018 08:00

Ötzi – der Mann aus dem Eis

Wer kennt ihn nicht, die Gletschermumie namens Ötzi. Ein Fund der die Geschichtsbücher verändert hat. Am 19. September 1991 machte das Urlauberpaar Erika und Helmut Simon diesen überraschenden ...