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History of a hotel with tradition

More than 70 years in Hochsölden

Traditional Austrian ski hotel in Sölden, Austria
A long tradition in Hochsölden

The Alpenfriede Hotel has been in Hochsölden for more than 70 years. Since 1936 the family-run hotel has welcomed skiing guests to Ötztal, the winter sports region with tradition and guaranteed snow.

When progress came to Hochsölden

In 1926 the Hamrachalpe hut already rented out its straw beds, the Restaurant Sonnblick opened its doors in 1928, but it took until 1929, when the cable ski lift was built – to bring tourism in Hochsölden in full swing.

In 1931, when the winter sports region was figuratively still a toddler, a privy and running water outside was still considered to be a luxury. Hochsölden at that time was only accessible by foot, the hike was therefore already included in the arrival route.

In 1936, Hotel Alpenfriede was built, making it one of the first hotels in this small tourist resort. The Lengler family establishment offered only around 24 beds at that time. It was not until 1940 that a third hotel was established. 

Hochsölden after the Second World War

History of the Sölden ski resort in Austria
Ski tours back then

This winter sport region had already become quite popular, but the first chair lift that connected Sölden with Hochsölden was only built in 1947/48. At the time it was the longest chair lift in Austria and only the third in Tyrol. Hochsölden was already known for its high life

The ski region grows

In 1951 the ski region continued to grow with the Rotkogeljoch Lift and in 1956 with the construction of a new stretch of road; it was built with pickaxe, shovel and without any machinery. Other lift facilities were also built in the ever so expanding skiing area, like the Giggijoch or the Hainbachkar tow lift. 

Since guests could now reach Hochsölden more easily, it came to reconstruction and expansion in the municipality itself. The Alpenfriede Hotel was also able to expand and renovate due to the boom.

Hochsölden ski region expansion

A massive improvement within the last decades was the “Golden Gate” connection between Hochsölden and the glacier ski region in 1998. Thanks to the interconnected ski areas, the whole ski region stretches now over 150 kilometres of pistes at the Alpenfriede Hotel's doorstep – the highest point can be found at 3,330m.

In 2007 the artificial snow-making system was introduced. Thus the already snow-reliable ski resort became even more stable for tourism and the quality of the ski runs was made even better. 

Hotel Alpenfriede today

Today the winter sport Hotel Alpenfriede offers 50 beds in 5 different categories.

The hotel's perfect location right on the ski run convinces our satisfied guests of our ski-in, ski-out hotel in Hochsölden. The snow guarantee until late April because of the high location at over 2,000 metres above the sea level is another reason to stay at our hotel.

As you can see there are enough reasons to spend your winter holiday at the traditional Alpenfriede Hotel. Send us your no obligation holiday enquiry and enjoy the breathtaking atmosphere in the middle of history-charged Hochsölden and at the Alpenfriede Hotel with its long tradition. 

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