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Ötztal – Tyrol's highlight

Your hotel in Ötztal – in the midst of skiing paradise

It's hard not to go into rhapsodies over the Ötztal region. Anyone who has ever been here – in summer or winter – will completely understand. 

From the Inntal, this tributary valley stretches over 65km down to the Italian border. The border crossing at the Timmelsjoch is located right in the middle of the 3,000m mountains. And by the way, the Sölden ski region is the only one in Austria with three “skiable” 3,000m mountains

Winter in Ötztal

Ötztal is known for sports. During the winter several excellent ski regions await you, with the ski resorts in Sölden and Hochsölden being the first choice for many holidaymakers. From the Alpenfriede Hotel you already start your day of skiing at over 2,000 metres altitude and in the middle of the ski region.

Ötzi & Piccard – how Ötztal gained international fame

Ötzi the Iceman” is without a doubt the most famous Ötztal “inhabitant”. After more than 5,000 years, this man's brilliantly preserved corpse was found in the ice. The find caused an international sensation: From the way of living to the contents of his stomach, this find has changed history books on many levels.

Another one was found at the end of the Ötztal and made Obergurgl famous over night: The explorer Auguste Piccard had to make a forced landing with his stratosphere balloon on the Gurgl Glacier on 27th May 1931, after he had reached an incredible altitude of 16,000m. Said Auguste Piccard was an explorer, inventor and much more. 

Immaterial World Cultural Heritage

Did you know that the Ötztal dialect of German has been a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage since 2010? One can hear words, accents or sentences that not even a German-speaker would understand the meaning of. The reason is that Ötztal had been hardly accessible for a long time and the language and culture had developed with almost no influence from outside.

But there is much more that awaits you during the winter in Ötztal. Get to know this precious place and send us your no obligation holiday enquiry for your stay at the comfortable Alpenfriede Ski Hotel and we will respond with an individual offer. 

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